Inside Out Coop Winter Tee Limited

$ 60.00

by the Art of Contrast. Letting Go of What Should Be and Take Part in What Could Be.  
This is a limited run of only 22 made.
Outside inside, inside out.  Designed thicker than your average Tee to amicably harmonize with our calm winters, hence 'Winter Tee'.   French Terry on interior or exterior, depending on the wearer's choice; mantras of simplicity, and a deep respect for explorations were all considered for its creation.  And, surely, we included in here our company's three C's:  Community, Counseling, and Contrast.  Enjoy.  =)


* Breathable Fiber for Less Sweating
* Created Heftier for Cool Temperatures
* Hand Wash Recommended
* 55% Hemp; 45% Org. Cotton - 9.7oz
* Reversed French Terry Construction
* Hemp Made in California, USA


Simply HEMP

Our designs are intended for simplicity so that you could focus on your daily tasks worry-free of fashion do's and don'ts.  We also find that hemp make wonderful ice-breakers and dinner talks all in debt to its place in American History -- alongside its many beneficial attributes.


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