Velo City Hemp Pinwheel Cap (5-Panel) 1.0

The Hemp Cooperative

$ 42.00

Inspired by...

the living spirit of Hempleberry (Nick Applebee) whose soul is currently traversing the Earth's open terrain.  

The name Velo (short for velodrome) is a tribute to our brief '08 fixie (cycling) era where racing was an added past-time bonus.  

The design, brim and sides, are constructed of dilated pinwheel hemp combined with clean and sustainable organic cotton.  Forming the vertical body are two-tone hemp canvases sewn together with pastel green covering the front & beige comprising the latter.   Solid antique brass adjustable fastener was chosen for its elemental qualities, which will oxidize or turn natural fabric blue if wet. So avoid getting it wet if possible.  And finally, embossed leather strap combined with the 6-hole ventilation somehow found its way onto the hat (sneaky); nonetheless, cute.  

With hemp, organic cotton, brass, leather, 4 stems & 20 leaves, there's more than enough reasons to keep things spinning around here.  Designed and produced in Huntington Beach, California.    🚴🚴🚴


+ Breathable Design for Less Sweating
+ Aero Dynamics Reduces Mental Drag
+ 55% Hemp; 45% Organic Cotton
+ Brown Leather Strap & Brass Clamp Buckle
+ Hemp Made In-House, USA